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Dispensing prescriptions

A pharmacist is usually available throughout opening hours to dispense NHS and private prescriptions and to offer advice on the use of your medicines. We keep medication records on our computers which ensure that your medicines are clearly labelled and carry relevant warnings. They also check new medicines to ensure that these do not interact with existing therapy.

We supply manufacturer's packs where available, complete with Patient Information Leaflets, and use child-resistant containers in other cases. These are not child-proof, so please keep them out of the reach of children. If you have trouble opening such containers, please tell us.

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Compliance Aids

If you have trouble remembering to take your medicines, we supply special packs at low cost that may help you. Please ask for advice. Packs are not the only answer, and we will be happy to assess your needs and make suggestions.

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Medicines Use Reviews

This is an NHS service that we can provide in certain circumstances free of charge. We will review your medicines with you, ensure that you know what they are for and how to use them, and perhaps suggest changes to your GP if that will make it easier for you to use them properly.

This service is offered by appointment and you should allow 20 minutes for it. To make an appointment, please ring or ask at the counter.

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Out of Hours Prescriptions

Local doctors have 24-hour contact numbers for us, but please note that they decide if they need to call us.

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Unwanted Medicines

NHS England arranges collection and disposal of unwanted medicines from pharmacies. Please do not keep unwanted drugs in your home, but return them to us.

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Advice on Minor Ailments

Our staff are trained to advise you on the treatment of a range of minor ailments and will refer you to a doctor when necessary. The local NHS has a minor ailment scheme under which we can provide immediate treatment in some cases of conjunctivitis, cystitis, impetigo, oral thrush and nappy rash. If you normally pay prescription charges these also apply to treatment under this service. Please note that the patient must be present before we can make a supply.

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Emergency Hormonal Contraception (the ‘morning after' pill)

If you are under 25, there is a local scheme that allows supply of emergency contraception free of charge. There are medical exclusions, but if any of those apply to you we will signpost you to an alternative for help. Our service is confidential and non-judgemental. We also sell emergency contraception to women over 25, but there will be a charge.

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Urgent Repeat Medicines

If you find yourself without medicines, and GP surgeries are not open, you can get an emergency supply. You will need to be able to prove what you usually take, so please bring empty boxes or your surgery repeat slip with you. Please note that some medicines are prohibited and that we cannot make repeated supplies.

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Prescription Collection

We collect prescriptions from Truro surgeries. Please ask for details. It helps us if you allow 24 hours to collect and dispense for you.

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Nebulisers and TENS machines

These are not available on prescription, but we can obtain them for you.


Incontinence and Ostomy Supplies

We can advise you in confidence on these personal matters. Whilst most items are available on prescription, some are not, and we can explain the costs involved.

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Surgical Supports and hosiery

These may be available from stock. We can usually obtain others by the next working day. Alternatively, we can order made to measure items for you.

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Needle exchange

We participate in Public Health's needle exchange scheme allowing substance users to obtain and dispose of needles and syringes safely.

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Like all health professionals, we adhere to the NHS Code on Confidentiality. We do not discuss your treatment with others without your consent, even if you are under 16, if you are able to make decisions for yourself. We are registered under the Data Protection Act and you may ask for a copy of your record at a small charge.

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We're proud of the fact that we've achieved Savvy level 1, and we're working towards the next level. Suggestions from young people are always welcome.

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Keeping Yourself Healthy

Opposite the patient seats you will find up-to-date leaflets on a range of Health Education topics. Please help yourself.

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Dietary Advice

We specialise in the provision of gluten-free foods, for which the local NHS runs an innovative scheme replacing the use of prescriptions.

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Pregnancy Testing

For pregnancy testing we need a small sample of urine, preferably taken early in the morning. Alternatively, we sell home test kits and can advise on their use.

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Non-pharmaceutical services

We are agents for Crystal Dry Cleaners of St Austell.

When we are closed

When the pharmacy is closed, health advice and information, including details of other local health services, is available round the clock from NHS Direct. You can use NHS Direct online at www.nhs.uk/111 pr by dialling 111, NHS Direct Interactive on digital TV or the NHS Direct telephone service on 0845 4647.

We welcome your comments on our services, which should be made to the pharmacist in charge. If this does not resolve a problem, you may write to the Superintendent Pharmacist here. We will acknowledge your letter within two working days of receipt and reply in full as soon as practicable.

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