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The Globe

The first mention of The Globe that we can find is in a Royal Cornwall Gazette of 26th April, 1839, which advertises an auction there. Originally it seems to have been at the western end of Truro's built-up area, but with the coming of the railway and the development of St George's Road it became surrounded.

There was a major remodelling of the pub in the 1960's and another in 1985-6. Formerly a very popular venue, The Globe had not traded well for a few years and ceased to trade in early 2010.

Gillian and Graham bought it in August 2010 and spent the next eleven months planning and executing the refurbishment to produce a pharmacy, a coffee shop and two one-bedroom flats.


Bert and Vi Reed established a new pharmacy at 10 Frances Street when Bert was demobbed after service in the Second World War. As the business grew they built extensions at the back and enlarged the building as far as the site allowed.

Bert and Vi were popular local characters who managed to combine a keen sense of their Welsh background with a devotion to Truro and its residents. They belonged to a number of local societies and remained very active well into their eighties.

They retired in May 1973, when Jim Catterall bought the business. Jim, a proud Lancastrian, kept the Reeds name and operated the pharmacy for twelve years until he retired in September 1985.

Gillian and Graham Brack also kept the Reeds name. The Reeds were very supportive in our early days and although the inability to extend any further meant the pharmacy had to move to premises where modern demands could be met, the Reed family has been fully behind the switch. There is a tribute to Bert and Vi above the patient seating, and the Reeds name is prominent on the new logo.

When we started in business Bert told us firmly that the centre of a pharmacy is the counter, not the dispensary, because that's where the people are. It's good advice and the new pharmacy was designed with the counter at its centre.

Michael Meagher Ltd

The Bracks' family business is called Michael Meagher Ltd and we're often asked where the name comes from. Michael was Gillian's father who sadly died at a tragically early age just after the pharmacy was opened. We named the company after him as a mark of affection.

The look

In 1985 we chose British Racing Green as our corporate colour because the other pharmacies in town were not using green. Our logo showed a pestle and mortar, a commonly recognised symbol for a pharmacy, within a bordered oval.

In 2010 we decided we needed a fresh new look and asked David Major at Creative Direction to design one for us. David has been helping us since then as we introduced a new logo, new corporate colours, and a slightly different name as we became Reeds Pharmacy.

The new logo is based on two shades of jade green and shows a pestle and mortar and a carboy. Customers can see a carboy on the shelf above the dispensing bench.

the globe pub bar
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